All in one Yachting and Boating app



At this point, the Yacht Manager Application is iOS based, for iPhone and iPad. The Android platform will be launched by the end of the year.


The Yacht Manager App allows you to tailor, monitor, and execute all your vessel management needs.

It is the perfect ‘pocket’ tool to organize, manage, and monitor everything on the vessel. From simple things such as catering for parties, planning itineraries, scheduling tasks, monitoring financial costs, documents, and organizing crew for vessel operations, maintenance, repairs, and other expenses of the vessel.

Yacht Manager App is built for the Owners and Captains as well as for the Crew with special attention on security and safety measures while handling complex tasks on-the-go.

The unique option is the preloaded data you can choose to download. Data download includes; a variety of Tasks and Checklists as well as detailed Inventory lists, helping you handling simple vessel-keepings to more critical and complex matters.

Reminders and alarms, such as inventory quantity notifications, safety necessities,  soon-to-be expired documents, and other notifications including active task monitoring in a case of any mishap, will relax your mind while at the sea or on land.

Budget control is also an important part of the Yacht Manager App features.

It is precisely and strategically designed to manage and remove the potential headaches and hassles that managing a vessel can bring, so you can enjoy your voyage without worrying about safety, crew, maintenance, insurance, audits, class, flag regulation, compliance and the other million and one tasks that get taken care of behind the scenes on a daily basis.


Yacht Manager App can be downloaded as data free, for your custom setup, or with data templates included – recommended for faster setup.

You can choose templates for sailboats, open, fishing and cabin boats as well as customized templates for yachts (see Plans for detailed information)

Empty data means that just a few Tasks, Checklists, Inventory, and Categories are pre-set for easier get-going.

But if you choose our FREE data templates, your Yacht Manager App will automatically become fulfilled with pre-scheduled and recurring:

  • Tasks (for quick & easy get-going – per vessel type)
    • daily, weekly, monthly, annually, at sea, pre/off-season, maintenance,… (from cleaning to service to maintenance)
  • Checklists (auto-generated via Routes / per vessel types)
    • safety, pre-voyage, at-pre-after the Voyage/Marina/Mooring…
  • Full inventory list (per vessel type)
    • Build-in or a part of the yacht.
      • From an anchor to a berth, to spoons, towels, vines, art, … safety items, buoys, …

The Daily Planer/Tasks and Checklist Data include yacht obligations and Tasks that are common on a vessel of that size. Upon the app purchase, you will receive the appropriate list of Tasks and Items we recommend having at hand, for your smooth and tight ship yacht managing organization.

The Data includes (per vessel type):

  • variety of tasks descriptions
  • time-based, recurrent or flexible tasks
  • at sea, pre-post arrival checklists
  • items, location, and micro-location
  • minimum quantity alarm
  • document pre-expiration alarm
  • categories and much more
  • download the app and try it in a free period

You can monitor Task activities on your Calendar or find any Task, Checklist, or Item via Search System, simply by typing just a few letters to filter down Categories, Descriptions, Quantities, and Locations.

Preloaded templates are the recommended option to become quickly familiar with the App. It is easier to modify or delete tasks/items to meet your personal management specifications.

We believe that reviewing and tailoring the pre-set data will help you to understand the app right from the start.

Organizing your vessel operations, as well as other personal and custom-made specifications tailored to your vessel, has never been easier.


Currently available for Yacht Plans only.

The Yacht Manager App has an option to start a new Season, which can be either a weekly or an annual operation.

By starting a new Season you will Archive your old data on our secure server. This option will clean up an unnecessary data load from your iPads and iPhones.

The Archive removes/transfers ONLY the old data from Non-Recurring Tasks, Costs, Routes, and Fuel log.

Planned and Recurring Tasks, Inventory, Documents, Guests, and other Templates will not be affected.

Archived data will remain visible on our secure online portal; download, and print-ready.


The Yacht Manager App is well aware that all marine vessels, including your yacht, have to follow safety protocols, at sea, as well as pre-and-off season.

At sea, the most vital are the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

Yacht Manager App encourages tracking such vital tasks efficiently and making sure they are properly met, executed and documented.


Again, we understand that technical support encompasses each and every aspect that allows a yacht to function safely.

Tasks scheduling, in combination with Contact managing, provides easy maintenance, upkeep, repair, fixing, scheduling services, buying equipment, and monitoring the progress of spare parts, vendors, as well as potential outsourcing crew for safe and smooth handling of the Yacht.

You can store blueprints, or take pictures, for each and every part of the vessel along with spare parts for fixing while simultaneously trying to get in touch with nearby coastguards or vessels.

You can just as easily scan documents, access them, email them, or export them from the palm of your hand, for your handy or urgent needs.


While owning a vessel is the easy part, managing one is extremely hard.

As mentioned before, recruiting vessel management companies is as important as finding the good Yach Managing Software, which allows you to maintain your vessel in its best condition without worrying to forget any of the long term or day to day tasks.

As an owner, you can be as involved as you wish to be. You can receive, assign or remind yourself of every event, task, schedule, warranty, expiration docs, and so much more, comfortably with your iPhone or iPad, from anywhere in the world.

Having the organization of a pre-scheduled task will offer you an advantage to present the vessel flawless at all times and around the clock, to ensure when you step foot onboard everything is ready to go.

There should be an itinerary ready and available to everyone on the vessel as a guide, knowing that when you’ll need your yacht, you will have everything set as you wish it to be.

Yacht Manager App will reduce and optimize your vessel management costs while giving you a total overview, control, and well-deserved peace of mind.


Much like any machinery vessel requires well organized and planned maintenance with frequent and prompt servicing.

Since the risks of a vessel at sea are much higher, vessel maintenance has to be well planned and organized to ensure as little downtime as possible.

The Yacht Manager App will never forget daily or long extended maintenance Tasks, which can take place in local shipyards or abroad.

Yacht Manager App will keep you up-to-date and guest-ready at all times.


The admin role can oversee the entire vessel operations.

An Admin can allow each user full or limited access per each section throughout the entire application.

You can also de-activate and re-activate users.

Some work can be easily assigned to the land crew or off-season crew happening behind the scenes, such as; shore-side support, shipyard contractors, refit specialists, yacht builders, and other working onboard, or off-board tasks.


Yacht Management App can also assist you with a small repair monitoring or complete remodeling of your vessel.

Take a picture and note of repairs needed, plan and schedule your repairs, maintenance, renovation, servicing, remodeling, reconstruction, and any other possible improvements beforehand.

Assign tasks and monitor progress on day-to-day bases or correct and tweak long term scheduled tasks based on your current progress.

A second prominent reason for having full data recording of your upgrades is when there’s a change in ownership.

Having full service/upgrade and work-flow data at your disposal can significantly help to sell your investment.


You’re probably not using your yacht every day of every week. A great idea for your private vessel in such cases is to convert it into a commercial property.

Having a Yacht Manager App with total control over your vessel can save you money for the maintenance, technical support, security, and safety measures, which can make a great difference at generating charter income.

Yacht Manager App is designed, with a clear mindset, to save you money and time while improving and extending your enjoyment.

For larger fleets, the Yacht Manager App offers a Charter networking solution.

Please send us an email to receive further Charter information. Thank you.