Plan includes:

  • 2 SEA TOYS ID’s
  • PLUS:

Daily Planner – 70+ recurrent Task Assignments


  • Pre-set data includes tasks from cleaning to maintenance and service
    • daily, weekly, monthly, annually
      • including Pre and Off Seasonal obligations
      • with the recommended time frame for each task executions
  • Time-based, Flexible and Recurrent timeline task assignments
      • request confirmation
      • set which task has the priority
      • Crew view management
      • Calendar view management and more
    • Receive forced notifications
      • And much more

Tracking Routes

  • Plan and store routes
  • Movement recognition (auto-start, auto-pause)
  • Fuel tracking
  • Auto-checklist assignment
    • pre-departure and post-arrival
    • at voyage
    • weather-related
    • and more

Route related Checklists

  • Safety checklists
  • Departure and Arrival checklists
    • side docking, mooring, anchoring
  • Regular Maintenance and Service-related
    • at voyage
    • at sea
    • post-voyage

Costs tracking

  • Easy administration
    • Bill scanning
    • Costs monitoring
    • Auto Currency exchange
    • Exporting the accountant ready CVS or PDF spread-sheet

Fuel tracking

  • Set fuel parameters
    • Add fuel
      • Auto Routes calculation
    • Auto-Route warning
      • in the case of a too low fuel
    • Auto cost calculation

Documents (at hand)

  • Simple scanning and storing
    • Expiration notifications
      • from certificates to fire extinguishers
  • easy exporting and emailing

Repair managing and tracking

  • Picture management
    • name a picture/repair
    • add repair notes
    • schedule a task for repairs

Inventory – 850+ items

  • Set by Categories, like; Owners Cabin, Aft, Galley, Flybridge, Electric, Mechanical, Engine, Navigation, …
    • easy category/item adding or modifying:
      • pictures – models, parts,…
      • micro-locations (3rd left drawer)
      • minimum quantity tracking and alarm notifications
      • General Search bar or Category Search bar

Crew List (users)

  • Assign crew and
    • limit or approve access for each App feature
  • Add personal data and passports
    • export/email active crew data in PDF file for custom needs
  • Activate or de-activate crew
  • The crew has a simpler app view for easier task navigation
    • optional or mandatory duty confirmation
    • add an iWatch for hands-free task management

Daily Log

  • Review all daily activities on one simple view page
    • open tasks
    • done tasks
    • calendar view
  • And the Message Board
    • post an announcement to all Crew at once
      • like, the uniform code, …


  • Full data for custom needs (incl. scan of a passport)
  • Active (on Board) or Not Active option
    • no limitations


  • Reserve this Contact Log for Yacht operations only
    • assign Trade / Expertise or Notes to each person
    • add documents, pictures, plans…

Vessel ID’s

  • Add full vessel data
  • Add 2 Sea Toys
    • Run a separate management organization for each sea toy

Food Menu

  • Make a variety of menus
    • add pictures
    • calories
    • recipes
  • Order from the menu

PLUS 5 additional Food Menu Apps

  • This app features the Food Menu and Current Location ONLY.
  • Perfect for staterooms or leisure location
  • This shorter App is designed for your Guests
    • Includes pictures, recipes, calorie counts, and other daily publishings by the Chief
    • Easy reviewing and ordering food and snacks
    • Your guests will love this option
    • *Users can access Food Menu through their app

And many more, like:

  • Custom Settings
  • Aditional Features, and Options
  • Custom Template imports
  • Web interface
    • Documentation uplaods for easy search
  • 24/7 prompt email support
  • Integrations with programs
  • and more…
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Client Testimonials

 We already see enormous potential and huge cost reductions based on organized pre-planning, scheduling, quick comparing of the expenses and most importantly, data availability at hand, on or off the yacht.

Johns Team

Yacht Owner

I’m impressed by the simplicity of managing the crew. Having quick and easy access to my documents, spare part numbers, and certificates is also excellent.

Mitch Stanisic

I truly wish all yachts would have an app like this. Prompt data management is worth of gold at the time of a resale. No matter what system you are running, this app can save money on the way, and get a higher value at the end.

Curt Cachia


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