Is the Yacht Management App needed for yachts up to 40 meters?

written by tlogar
08. Sep 2020
Yacht Management App yachts

So, you have the urge to buy a Yacht. With that purchase comes a lot of responsibilities that nobody wishes to dedicates the time for it! 

That’s where the Yacht Management App comes into play, organizing all aspects of your daily and recurrent needs. The yacht management app is not limited to only managing the yacht technical aspects, it also covers the safety, crew, costs, fuel, and other daily operations to name just a few. 

Even if you decide to take care of your yacht on your own, or with the help of the captain and crew, you are still in need of a good yacht management platform. The alternative is to hire a third-party yacht management company where you will not need to move a finger, well, at least until you’ll receive the bill.

But if you like the engagement with the yacht and its organization than the yacht management platform is the best way to maintain your yacht without actually having to know or remember all the details, delegate numerous Tasks, track Inventory, Checklists, Documents, and similar countless obligations. 

The following are the facts that the Yacht Manager App will do for you.


The Yacht Manager App (YMA) manages the complete Log of all yacht activities and events. The application’s uniqueness is the simplicity of overall functioning and fully pre-loaded data that offers easy and immediate organization get-going. The YMA serves as the prime communication platform between Captain, Crew, and the Owner like yourself, to monitor and further delegate the essentials. 

Yacht Manager app on iphone, ipad and apple watch

The Yacht Manager App is the user’s finest First Mate, which never sleeps or forgers. It quietly handles multitasking management operations by scheduling the entire maintenance aspect of running and managing a yacht. 

It understands that your yacht requires different and unexpected services on any given day. In real life, you’ll organize dinners and parties, order food and drinks, log the repairs, fulfill tanks, track the fuel and its consumption, collect bills, assign crew, schedule the routes, fulfill checklists, deal with the weather conditions, focus on safety, manage guests, marinas, and so much more.


As mentioned, the Yacht Manager App is fully pre-loaded with simple things, like housekeeping scheduling, to more critical service and maintenance tasks that need to be carried out throughout the yacht, either with the help of the crew, third party services, or internally if your yacht is an owner-managed operation. 

The Yacht Manager App will remove all the ‘headaches and hassles’ of the yacht management, so you can enjoy your days on the water without worrying and remembering a million and one tasks that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. 


Every service carried out for the yacht is cost-related. Some of the obvious expenditures include maintenance and repair of the yacht. Others include general everyday transactions for the running of the yacht and crew. 

The Yacht Manager App Cost Module is set to scan, collect, and manage all financial transactions. According to your preference, you can monitor all the expenditures on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. For example, you can adjust the fuel level via the Fuel Module, interlinked to the cost module, or export all or some expenditure in accountant ready format. Such automated financial accounting will save you a lot of time collecting, organizing and writing the financial yacht expenses.

Prompt monitoring of the budget and the amount spent is very useful data, knowing whether there has been adherence to the budget or whether yacht maintenance will need a higher capital. Having the complete financial record is also an indication for increased validation at potential resale. 

Yacht Manager Costs


Technical support encompasses each and every aspect that allows a yacht to function safely. It includes general upkeep, technical maintenance, repairs, servicing, buying equipment or spare parts required for safe handling of the yacht. The Repair Module is an excellent option for such important tasks.

A new yacht needs constant testing of the entire yacht system for warranty fixings, while used yachts need similar and constant monitoring for the potential repairs concerning the safety of the yacht and people on board.

When you notice an issue that needs a repair or an improvement you can simply open the Repair Module, take pictures, add notes to pictures, and schedule the task for repair or an improvement. Such Repair Log adds another important value to any yacht. Having a detailed database of countless repairs, maintenance, renovation, servicing, remodeling, reconstruction, or any other possible improvement is a crucial value at the exit point.

And if that is not enough, an app can store Documents and Inventory items to provide a detailed blueprint for each and every spare part, item, system or unit on the yacht. 

It also sends expiration alarms, to make sure that all certificates, warranties, and other documents are valid and in place for easy export when needed. The Inventory Module counts the minimum item amounts while providing easy searching by categories, locations, and micro-locations of each item onboard. Such neatly organized records will additionally boost the value of the yacht. 


Yachts require frequent servicing, detailed and organized fixing of many predicted, potential, and unexpected problems. The Yacht Manager App Day Planner is helping to boost the yacht functionality by simply and quickly scheduling and auto-delegating a variety of yacht obligations. Since the risks of yachts at sea are much higher, yacht maintenance has to be well planned to ensure as little downtime as possible. Longer extended planned maintenance periods often take place in local shipyards while other unexpected and daily maintenance takes place at sea or at marinas. New yachts have the privilege to go back to the original yacht builder to have warranty works fixed, but even these works can come as a surprise, and they too require detailed organization and scheduling. The Yacht Manager App Day Plan Module is coordinating such vital roles for seasonal and off-seasonal yacht maintenance. 


The yacht operation management includes everything that makes you, the owner, comfortable and presentable at sea, anchor or at the marina. 

These are just some of the basic tasks that the Yacht Manager App is able to put together. For further and detailed explanations of additional Modules and helpful features please visit or at App Store.


Yacht Managing App

In this post, we learned how can Yacht Manager App assists you in managing the yacht up to 40 meters in length, without focusing on HR management, CPA administration, and other Mega Yacht requirements. Further, we reviewed the various examples and modules, like Daily Planning, Logs, Checklists, Inventory, Repairs, Costs, Documents, Fuel, and other helpful features, required on a daily bases, that can help you run a tight ship organization while having fun with family and friends.

Follow these steps to Yacht Manager App organization:

Total Time: 1 day

App Store screenshot

Download/purchase the Yacht Manager App from an App Store (free trial)

Yacht Management App iPhones

Modify Pre-loaded data (Tasks, Checklists, Inventory,…)

Yacht manager at hands

Enjoy the finest 1st Mate organization in a palm of your hand.



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